Performance data
Minimum operating temperature >0 ºC
Maximum operating temperature 50 ºC
Minimum storage temperature -10 ºC*
Maximum storage temperature 60 ºC
Initial flow rate 2.5L/min@0.25 Bar(1)
Cartridge service rating 4000/6000L
MWCO 200KDa on dextranes
Bacteria retention >99.9999 % (log 6)(2)
Virus retention >99.99 % (log4)(3)
Chemical reduction activated carbon reduces chemical residues, inc: pesticides endocrine disrupting compounds medical residues and heavy metals
Membrane approvals CE, NSF, WRAS, DVGW,
compliances KIWA, KTW
Dry weight of bottle inc cartridge 635 grams approx
Bottle storage capacity 750ml

1. Flow rates and capacity depend on the quality of the feed water.
2. Tested by KIWA water research using Bacillus Spores
3. Tested by KIWA water research using MS2 bacteriophages

*After first use the product should be protected against freezing.