Frequently asked questions…

Q. How does LIFESAVER Bottle differ from other water filtration and sterilisation systems?
A. Most other systems use a ceramic cartridge, UV light or salt/electricty to remove pathogens from water. A ceramic filter will filter down to about 200 nanometres which means that smallest bacteria and many viruses can still pass through it. This is why you should always treat the water with chemicals such as iodine to ensure that it is entirely safe. However, LIFESAVER Bottle filters down to 15 nanometres and as the smallest virus is about 20 nanometers across there is no way that these can pass through the filter. Therefore you get completely safe and sterile water instantly and without the need for foul tasting poisonous chemicals. You also don’t need to carry a supply of batteries, salt or iodine with you.

Q. Who needs a LIFESAVER bottle?
A. Anyone who is travelling to an area where the quality of the drinking water is suspect should consider investing in a LIFESAVER bottle. The cost is really quite small compared to having a holiday ruined (or worse) by illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water. If travelling with your family or in a group, the LIFESAVER bottle produces clean and safe drinking water so fast that it’s perfectly practical to share a bottle between you.

Q. How long will it last once I have started using it?
A. The lifespan of the cartridges is approx 4000 litres or 6000 litres depending on the model you order and the quality of the water being filtered. The LIFESAVER bottle accepts either cartridge, and these can be replaced at the end of their life with a new one costing either £89.95 or £129.95 inc VAT depending on capacity specified.

Q. Do I need to order or carry spare parts with my LIFESAVER bottle?
A. Whether you want to order a spare cartrige with your LIFESAVER bottle will depend upon how much you intend to use it and how long you will be away. The 4000 litre version can provide all the drinking water for one adult for around 12 months before the cartridge needs changing but obviously this tme period reduces if you are also using it to provide washing and cooking water or if you are sharing it. It is probably sensible to consider a pack of spare carbon filters and a replacement drinking valve as these are low cost and don’t take up much space.

Q. Can I order from outside of the UK?
A. We can ship LIFESAVER bottles to anywhere in the world. Please email us at giving your postal address and nearest airport. In some countries it is far cheaper for you to collect from a freight depot than to have it delivered to your door.

Q. What range of temperatures can the bottle withstand?
A. The bottle can be used in temperatures from 1°C to 50°C. Once you have used your LIFESAVER bottle for the first time it is very important that you don’t let it freeze as the formation of ice can damage the membrane tube causing failure of the bottle.

Q. Does LIFESAVER bottle remove the salt from sea water?
A. No. LIFESAVER bottle does not desalinate seawater.

Q. How will my LIFESAVER bottle be delivered to me?
A. We will send your LIFESAVER bottle out by courier to your home address and it will need to be signed for upon delivery.

Q. How long will delivery take?
A. Whilst we aim to keep all items in stock there can sometimes be a short delay caused by demand exceeding supply. We process all orders in the order in which they were received so the sooner you join the queue, the sooner you will be enjoying the benefits of your LIFESAVER bottle.