“Ensuring that your drinking water is safe, on holiday in the UK or abroad, can make the difference between going home with wonderful memories or being left with ones you would rather forget!”

LIFESAVER bottle is the worlds first all-in-one, personal ultrafiltration bottle. With a filter size of just 15 nanometres, it removes all waterborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites without the need for any foul tasting chemical treatments or long stand times. LIFESAVER bottle incorporates a built in pressurisation system to give a two litre per minute filtration rate - as fast as you can drink it!!

Filtration occurs on demand rather than at the time of collection, meaning that you can quickly ‘scoop and go’ at any flowing or stagnant water source and be absolutely confident that you will be drinking completely safe, sterile water.

LIFESAVER jerrycan 10000
(up to 10,000 litres)
£195.95 inc VAT (£99.53 ex VAT)

LIFESAVER jerrycan 20000
(up to 20,000 litres)
£249.95 inc VAT (£99.53 ex VAT)

(Up to 4000 litres)
£125.11 inc VAT (£99.53 ex VAT)
(Up to 6000 litres)
£169.95 inc VAT (£144.64 ex VAT)

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